The Satanist From Des Moines

He asked me defiantly, "Do you think Jesus could help my back? I hurt it pretty bad a couple weeks ago." I smiled and said "Oh, I sure do!" So we stood there in the middle of a dirty bar in Des Moines, IA, with my hands laid on the back of a young man who openly hated and mocked the idea of God. After a short prayer, I stepped back and grinned, and watched as this boy exchanged his hatred for the idea of God for amazement at the PERSON of God. His injured back had been healed immediately!

He erupted with a flurry of cuss words, not really believing what had just happened. He shouted to his friends, saying, "it feels better!" Then, as he composed himself, he reached up to his chest and broke this pendant off the chain around his neck, and he handed it to me. He was done hating God. After we talked a bit more about what it really means to follow Jesus, we hugged, and he said "This is the happiest I've ever been without drugs." He went to church for the first time that next Sunday, and he was happy to do it.

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