Matt White

BASE Student Pastor

Matt grew up attending the Church of Christ in his small town outside of Birmingham, Alabama. After immersing himself for years in a culture of skateboarding and underground music, when he was 17-years-old, he was invited to visit some friends at a non-denominational church and felt a tug on his heart to get connected there.  Shortly after that, he was filled with the Holy Ghost, and it completely changed his life. Through high school he continued pursuing his passion for music, and eventually spent several years touring the United States in a hardcore band. Matt connected with Mattie in 2011 and was immediately joined to him by the Spirit. In 2013 Matt visited Mattie and Candice in Mobile, AL and met his apostle (Aaron Smith) and was introduced to his wife. Matt married his wife Destiny in 2014 and they had their daughter, Stella Bliss White in July of 2016.  They live in Mobile, AL.  Matt works with the students in our BASE program to provide individual support, counseling, and direction.  He is passionate about building Kingdom community and seeing people made free from the captivity of aimlessness and complacency.