awakening evangelism internship

What is this internship?
This program is a 10-month internship in which young men and women will receive hands-on ministry experience, discipleship, and valuable life experiences that will give them the tools to advance the Kingdom through a lifestyle of evangelism and a greater understanding of vocational ministry. This is an opportunity to live life with the team at Awakening Evangelism, learn from us, and become equipped to launch out into a full-time lifestyle as an evangelist.
Where is this internship?
This program will take place at our headquarters in Johnson City, Tennessee requiring those who go through this internship to live in the prepared housing right here in our city
When is the internship?
The internship begins in August of 2019 and will finish in May of 2020. There will be time allotted around the holidays for vacation, much like attending college. 
What is the cost of tuition for the internship?
The internship is $2,000 per month, and is encouraged to be paid each month by way of committed sponsors who are contributing to your tuition with monthly giving (i.e. $50-$100 per month). Tuition covers fully-furnished intern housing (including wifi, utilities, pool, gym, etc). It also includes a weekly stipend for food/gas/etc and covers travel expenses for national and international ministry events with Evangelist Mattie Montgomery and the Awakening Evangelism Team.
How can I apply?
The link to apply is at the bottom of this webpage. Expect to hear back within 2-3 weeks.


More Information


The Awakening Evangelism Internship (AEI) will serve the purpose of creating a physical community of young men and women who may feel called to ministry at our headquarters in Johnson City, Tennessee. These young men and women, brought in from around the world, will be discipled, trained, equipped, and inspired to create and carry out a lifestyle of evangelism. They will learn how to better serve the local church, in their hometown or wherever God may send them in the future, by leading believers into greater boldness with the Gospel. 


Awakening Evangelism Internship’s first year will begin on Monday, August 5th of 2019, and finish on Friday, May 22nd of 2020. It will be a 10-month internship with allotted time during the holiday for vacation/breaks. 

The interns of AEI will be welcome to attend by invitation only. We will carry out an application process (details below) in order to meet and connect with applicants via scheduled interviews as needed to have ample opportunity to learn about the candidates before prayerfully deciding and inviting the interns that we believe fit best for this program. The ideal intern for this program is someone who may feel the call of God on their life to go into ministry, who has a passion for people, and is looking to gain experience on the administrative side of managing ministry offices and event coordinating.  


AEI will teach our interns a "curriculum" based on biblical, Kingdom principles that are foundational to our ministry; like honor, authority, intercession, worship, accountability, and family.


As an internship of evangelism, this program will involve the interns being on a weekly schedule that will include but not be limited to:


  • Weekly prayer/worship meetings

  • Community service

  • Recreational activities

  • National and international travel (passport required)

  • Ministry administration

  • Lifestyle of evangelism



The interns will live in Johnson City, Tennessee for the duration of the program (10 months) in assigned apartments and will be assigned roommates for the duration of their time in the AEI program. 


The entirety of the program is required to be funded by the intern, like many other ministry internships, and is available to be paid however the prospective intern is able to generate the funding: whether in full up front, or via monthly commitments from pre-determined, committed sponsors who have agreed ahead of time to make payments toward the interns tuition by signing up for a monthly auto-draft plan with Awakening Evangelism. If accepted into the program, Awakening Evangelism can provide fundraising ideas and strategies to help make sure you reach your goal. 


The tuition will go directly toward the living expenses for our interns to enjoy: a furnished apartment (couches, flat screen TV, etc) shared with one other intern, with each individual room having its own bathroom with shower, closet, bed, and desk space; full utilities, including water, electricity, wifi, and trash service; a study center with several computers/printers; a full gym with cardio equipment and free weights included; an outdoor pool and picnic area; and a workspace at our Awakening Evangelism international headquarters. This tuition also goes toward covering fuel/airfare expenses for all ministry-related events that interns will travel to, and weekly stipends for the interns to be able to purchase groceries/meals to eat and any other miscellaneous expenses they may incur.


In order apply for this internship, please follow the button below to fill out the online application. Expect to hear back from us within 2 to 3 weeks so we can communicate to plan an interview with you or let you know that we've decided to pursue other applicants.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our ministry director at


We look forward to reviewing your application and prayerfully considering you as a member of our team!