Awakening Evangelism was founded by Evangelist Mattie Montgomery. After 10 years of preaching the Gospel all over the world, God began to move in Mattie’s heart for the global body of believers.  He found that, while there were many who desired to be used by God in mighty ways, there were very few who knew where to begin. There seemed to be such a sense of confusion, fear, or inadequacy among believers about how to approach sharing the Gospel with those around them, and as a result, most never even tried. 


Ultimately, it was this simple realization that gave birth to Awakening Evangelism:  If the Gospel will ever reach the world, it will not be because of Christian rockstars or mega-ministries, but because of the bravery and love of every-day Christians advancing the Kingdom in the marketplace and in the community--on the school campus, and even in the home.  The dream of Awakening Evangelism is to see every believer inspired and equipped to share the good news of Jesus Christ fearlessly in any situation, to make God the center of attention, and to have an eternal impact on the world around them. 

The Mission of Awakening Evangelism is to see the whole Gospel preached to the whole world by the whole church.  We work to equip all believers to touch and transform their world with the power of radical love, relentless courage, and timeless truth.  


Awakening Evangelism provides training courses, teaching material, and a global network of believers to help you discover the incredible power that God has put inside you; as well as why He put it there.  Whether you’re a pastor, a college student, a lawyer, or a stay-at-home mom, Awakening Evangelism can provide the resources, training, and support you need to be effective in sharing your faith and advancing the Kingdom in your own community. 

Meet The Team

Mattie Montgomery


Elijah Ward


Matthew Kimble

Media Director